Parkfit bootcamp classes for ALL abilities

Ability Levels

We use a band system to denote the different levels of fitness at our Bootcamps. This helps you work through the levels and gives you something to focus on. It also helps our instructors identify the different levels people are at in any bootcamp class.

Everyone who joins Parkfit receives an Orange Band. If you feel that starting at this level is too easy, you are welcome to join in with another group but that’s the great thing about being in a mixed group – you can push yourself as hard as you want to and because of your bib colour, the instructors will know what you are capable of and can help you achieve your goals a lot quicker.

Whether you train as one big bootcamp class or are divided up into two groups (usually orange and yellow) and (green and black) you will always work within the expectations of your band colour. So if you are orange in an orange and yellow class you will run the shorter distance and do a lower amount of reps. However, if you have been orange for a while and want to push yourself, you can have a go at the yellow’s workout. It really is up to you!

To move up through the band colours you need to pass each fitness test. Everyone starts as an orange band and then if you pass the fitness test, you will progress to yellow and so on. We run the fitness tests regularly but they are entirely optional. We do encourage everyone to take them as it gives you a great benchmark so that next time you take the test, you will see how far you’ve come!

Level 1 - Beginners

For those that have done little to no exercise recently

This is the level everyone starts at and is a great place to be introduced to outdoor fitness! You will improve your well-being and become healthier. You will also become more confident and generally feel better about yourself. This is a fun session whilst getting you fit.

Most people pass their fitness test and move from orange to yellow within 3-6 months.

Level 2 - Intermediate

For those who exercise 1-3 times per week

This level is for those who train regularly or have passed their first fitness test. So if the thought of running for 15 minutes would not fill you with dread, you are probably around this level. In this class you will be amongst others who have some fitness but know they could be a lot fitter with some help and support.

Most people take a further 6 months before moving on from this level.

Level 3 - Advanced

For those that exercise 3 or more times per week

The green band class is designed for the really fit who are now ready for a different kind of challenge. We can assure you that once you have reached this level your fitness journey is not over – in fact it is just beginning. Because of our expertise in this type of training, we can push you beyond your limits and open up a whole new world of training for people like you. And whether you admit it or not, your focus will most certainly be to get your hands on one of the legendary black bands!


Level 4 - Elite

For those at the pinnacle of physical fitness

These sessions are not for the faint-hearted and the Black Band is by no means easy to attain. Very few clients ever obtain a black bib but it is achievable if you want it – and you will want it!