Parkfit bootcamp classes for ALL abilities


Carla Longcroft

Member @ Royston

What Carla says:

7 months ago I walked onto royston Heath for my free trial session with parkfit. I didn't know anyone and had no idea what to expect. I had done the occasional dance / fitness class and spent a little bit of time in the gym but was relatively unfit.

Without sounding too cheesy my life has changed drastically from that day. I am fitter and stronger than I ever thought possible and I'm now completely addicted. With Parkfit I have taken part in One True Grit, a 10k mud run and have signed up for my first half marathon in July. 

Don't get me wrong this isn't a walk in the park. You will work hard and you will love it. The trainers are first class and I have made some awesome friends. If your a beginner with no fitness at all I urge you to come along and give it a go. If you are a runner, gym buff or think your super fit come along and let Harry beast you! Every session is different and set to suit ability. This isn't bootcamp, this is Parkfit!!

Christine Pay

Member @ Maidstone

What Christine says:

I could never imagine I would have enjoyed exercising in the outdoors in all weathers but I can honestly say I love it!  I turned up alone to meet a really nice group of people of all abilities and great instructors. 

I lost all my fitness since having children and never found the time to do something for me but with Parkfit I’ve found it!  Someone said to me give it 3 months and 16 weeks on I feel more toned and my fitness has increased tenfold. 

All sessions are different and I now hate missing one.  If you are even thinking about doing it don’t hesitate and go along and join in the fun.

John Culbert

Member @ Cambridge & Royston

What John says:

I had got out of the habit of exercising regularly and my weight was blossoming when my daughter presented me with a 1 month Boot camp membership to Parkfit for my 61st birthday.  I nervously attended the first class (June 2013) and by the end of the session I was hooked.  

Since then I have attended regular sessions at both Cambridge and Royston and can honestly say that even now no two sessions are the same. The classes can be tough but are always fun and there is plenty of  camaraderie.   I am now much fitter and have lost over a stone in weight despite gaining muscle and no change to my diet.

Sally Duddy

Black Bib Member @ Royston

What Sally says:

I’ve been going to Parkfit for over 2 years and still get a buzz from it.  I love it!  The people that go are all abilities and the classes are split to suit your level.  Each class is different and really challenges you – I still get sore!  I’ve made some great friends and you can tell the instructors are highly qualified.  They’re fun too and there’s lots of “banter”!  I love being outside and now love running.  Parkfit challenges me like nothing else and I sooo love it!