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Sally Duddy, Black Bib Member @ Royston

I’ve been going to Parkfit for over 2 years and still get a buzz from it.  I love it!  The people that go are all abilities and the classes are split to suit your level.  Each class is different and really challenges you – I still get sore!  I’ve made some great friends and you can tell the instructors are highly qualified.  They’re fun too and there’s lots of “banter”!  I love being outside and now love running.  Parkfit challenges me like nothing else and I sooo love it!
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Okay so you know a bit about fitness.  Or maybe you know a lot.  In which case you probably want to know what’s different about Parkfit and why you should give us a try.

Parkfit was designed with the athlete in mind.  Whilst of course we provide the perfect platform for the beginner who will quickly progress, there are very few bootcamps who can continue to challenge those at the other end of the spectrum: the extremely fit.   Having 23 years experience, Managing Director Paul Harrison aka ‘Harry’ knows a thing or two about fitness and how to get great results.  

Our class structure is designed so that you can progress through our bib levels to the highly-sought-after Black Band – the elite corps!  At Parkfit we have under 20 black bands across all our parks so it is a really tough challenge and many have sought but not conquered!

One thing that really makes us stand out from other providers is that we lead from the front.  All our instructors take part in events and are constantly assessed to make sure they still make the grade.  You won’t find an overweight instructor shouting at you to do things he couldn’t do himself – not on our watch!

Have a look at our videos and read our case studies to find out why some of our fittest clients keep coming back for more.