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Meet the Team!

You will find great instructors at all of our parks across Kent & East Anglia.  Most of our guys and girls are military or ex-military meaning they have been trained by the best!  They all have a wealth of qualifications and personality in abundance.  You can be assured of not only great training, but dedicated, caring and fun instructors!

If you are looking to join our Parkfit team, we are recruiting now!  Call us on 07890 991437

Theteam Harry

Paul (Harry) Harrison

Managing Director

Harry has over 20 years of experience working with professional sports people and elite military personnel. His diverse fitness training and coaching background in many sports and vast exercise knowledge has made him a popular instructor across the country and his skills are constantly sought after.

Heading up the Parkfit Team, Harry remains constantly dedicated to his business by continuing to lead from the front and shares his time between the parks to ensure that he knows and delivers exactly what his clients want.

Previously Harry has trained the Harlequins rugby team and various Premiership and Championship football teams.

What Harry says:

There are plenty of outdoor fitness companies delivering average routines with average results. There is nothing wrong with that but I wanted to offer a different type of training that only someone from my background and with my experience could deliver.

Parkfit is unique in the type of training we offer and the fact that we want to educate our clients as well as train them. We also listen to what our clients want and constantly adapt our ideas with them in mind. A large organisation can't do that and whilst we are growing fast, we never expand unless we can deliver that same perfection in another location.

I won't lie, our training is hard but it does deliver great results and I never get tired of hearing how often people say they can't believe how much they love it and nothing in life is worth having unless you are prepared to work hard.

Gail Harrison.jpg

Gail Harrison

Company Director

Gail looks after all of your needs outside of the parks and oversees the running of the office including corporate enquiries, PR and customer complaints.  

You can contact her on 07925 441266 or send an email 

Tessa Longland

Client Account Manager

Tess looks after your client account and deals with your direct debits or other membership subscriptions. Contact Tess for anything to do with your account by emailing  Tess works part-time so please allow time for an answer.  If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 07925 441266 and anyone from the team will be happy to help.